Wednesday, October 26, 2005

NY City and Sweeney Todd

I just got back from my first trip to NYC. It was very brief, but at least I got my feet wet dealing with the trains and subways. It wasn't too bad. I explored a very small section of the Village on a cool, drizzly day. I walked up 5th Ave. and down W. 1oth toward Greenwich Ave/6th/Waverly Place and around Washington Square. I saw Patchin Place--home to Dreiser and Cummings; also Marianne Moore's old brownstone. I wish I had had more time on some of the side streets too.

We saw the new production of Sweeney Todd with Patti Lupone at the Eugene O'Neill Theater on 49th St. It is still in previews but officially opening soon. I enjoyed it--I thought it was really inventive and creepy. Apparently, there is serious disappointment among some viewers on some of the theater sites I've seen. They think it is too stripped down and gimmicky--they want the big show with full orchestra, etc. I don't think I had those expectations, not having seen much of the original, except for a few bits from the PBS version. It will be interesting to see what the critics have to say.

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