Wednesday, December 14, 2005


It's been over a month since my last post. I guess I've been pretty busy getting ready for the holidays. Plus, procrastinating takes up a lot of my time. I went to see Old Crow Medicine Show a couple of weeks ago for the second time. This time it was in a bigger venue and it was still pretty packed. They sounded great. I think they are working on a new record, too. I was bummed that my wait for Kelly Willis to go on a real tour/finish up a new album is probably on hold. Seems she's pregnant for the fourth time! Yikes.

After finishing The Master, I started reading Margaret Macmillan's Paris 1919. It's fascinating reading. In some ways, not much has changed, unfortunately. It's an excellent introduction to how the Great Powers (U.S., France, Britain) set in motion some of the thorniest problems of the 20th Century--and of course, we're still dealing with them as they evolve: Palestine, Iraq, and the Balkans primarily. Usually, unrolling a map and deciding the fate of millions of people (who no one has bothered to consult), doesn't really work out that well. Huh.

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