Thursday, March 30, 2006

Raconteurs news

The Raconteurs have done a few shows in England and a video for Steady As She Goes is up on the web site now in the Media section. Here's a review from The Guardian and also one from NME. The cd release is scheduled for May 9 (according to the web site) or May 16 (in other media accounts). They just announced the first show in the States--Irving Plaza in NYC on April 7.


Anonymous said...

I love the tune and I saw the video. What's up with the Cows? The video setting looks like somewhere in Widener's Valley.

Selena said...

I think they just like cows. Who doesn't? I guess now that Jack has abandoned the mean streets of Detroit and moved to Nashville, he's all "going country."

The whole CD is excellent. Very good group of musicians.